New site! Done?

New site! Done?

After what seems like an eternity, during which much project work has been completed but very little time was left for putting together the content needed to complete a new turrall consulting website, the site is finally here. I’ve closed my laptop and raised a cup of espresso (it’s too early in the day for a glass of wine) in celebration.

The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it.

As Voltaire is reported to have said. It’s true. It does feel good to have completed the site to a point where it can be launched.

The site update was long overdue and I hope you’ll find navigating the new site and perusing the portfolio with examples of recent projects both enjoyable and interesting.

The new site is, of course, not intended to be static and, as such, will never be “finished” but aims to become not only an introductory window into the sort of work that turrall consulting is involved in, but also a source of information. Expect to see posts on technology-related themes that are relevant to current projects, thoughts on marketing, and ramblings on things that strike me as being of potential interest. There will also be the occasional insight into some of the more experimental project work that goes on behind the scenes. Most posts will also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and new projects posted to the portfolio will also be announced via these channels when they published.

As a further little bonus, the Instagram feed in the page footer will give you an insight into my bouts of photographic randomness, while the twitter feed may also serve as a source of entertainment or information from time to time.

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