Beatshare iOS App

Beatshare iOS App

Beatshare is a mobile music messaging app – a way to send a short snippet of your favourite music track from Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Music to a friend and attach a photo or video message to it. You can also send simple text messages and send to groups.


As a senior consultant Robert Turrall was intensively involved in the project management and development of Beatshare for several months up to its initial release in Q3 of 2016. He was responsible for a significant amount of the iOS code and played a central role in the architecture and UI/UX design of the app. With him on the Beatshare team were 2 junior mobile developers and one other senior mobile developer, a backend developer, and a designer, in addition to the company CTO who managed the project. Robert was also consulted regarding the marketing strategy for the app prior to, and around, the time of its release.


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