Safer-Code iOS App

Safer-Code iOS App

Safer-Code® is an iOS app that allows you to create secure PINs and passwords by generating a grid containing a chosen symbol amongst other random symbols. You then define your password by remembering a “path”. It is a patented, secure way to create secret codes and no passwords are stored by the app.


B-Safer GmbH approached turrall consulting to design and create the app as a mobile app version of their existing credit card-sized “easycode” cards. It was decided to take a fresh approach – to create a new and clean, modern look for the app with the emphasis on readability and subtle animation to enhance the user experience.


Project managed and realised from concept to publication in the Apple App Store by turrall consulting and including a prototype testing workshop and user testing organised in collaboration with B-Safer GmbH


The app is available in both English and German from the App Store.

Concept, UX

Sandra Wendeborn, Robert Turrall


Sandra Wendeborn

Project Management and App Development

Robert Turrall


Creative, Design, Development, Mobile, Project Management